Isaac's Way


Isaac’s Way Restaurant is proud to be back in business! Once located on Carleton Street, our restaurant was destroyed in a tragic fire October 2012. The community stood behind us and encouraged us to start again, and in June 2013 we opened our doors wide, with warm hearts, big smiles, and a brand new menu. We love our new location at 649 Queen Street, in the old historic York County Court House c1855.

The new Isaac’s Way menu has a strong focus on local products: craft beers, New Brunswick meats, Atlantic seafood, and seasonally farmed vegetables … we believe it is important to support our local producers to build a stronger economy. Even our coffee mugs are made in New Brunswick! Isaac’s Way chefs takes pride in cooking everything from scratch, including our salad dressings, sauces and soups, and of course our famous gourmet desserts. You will appreciate the fresh flavours and home cooked recipes.




The following is a list of DO-ONE commitments we have made since January 2019. Each commitment helps reduce our environmental impact, and ultimately, the impact of all of our customers.

July 2019

We recycle water and waste!

June 2019

No More Straws!